How to Edit Photo In Canva – Pro Tips For Free

 How to Edit Photo In Canva – Pro Tips For Free
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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

How to Edit Photo In Canva-Pro Tips For Free   


How to Edit Photo In Canva

In this article we will learn how to edit photos in canva we will also explain to you some hidden and pro Tips for Free. if you've noticed canva recently rolled out kind of silently a couple of features that makes it a very powerful photo editing solution in canva. we are going to dive deep into these new photo editing features in canva  both on mobile and on desktop.


This is the place for you to learn everything about canva how to become a better designer and grow your business with visual communication and if this is your first time on Techshall well welcome. we are posting new tutorials every week.


This week's topic is all about How to edit photo in Canva so recently 2 month back Canva released a new button both on the mobile and on the desktop version which allows you to basically edit your photos on Canva for Free and do nothing else than editing photos with canva.


So let me first of all start with a little bit of context like most of the photos you will be taking from your mobile phone and so we are going to be started from the mobile because it's most likely that your latest photos are in your camera roll or in your photo library if you use an android phone so what we are going to be doing is use our phone.


Just Search on google you will fine the Canva tool. this is the mobile version of canva. it's not the app it's simply the browser. I also have the app so everything i'm going to show you works both on the app and on the mobile version of canva in your browser so the first thing is How do you import your photos right, so once you are on the canva homepage use the little purple button here that says  plus so tap on that and you will see the first item or the second item here on the menu says edit photo just Tap on that to Edit photo in Canva.

How to Edit Photo In Canva

So I'm going to tap on this and then I can choose a photo from the library. I can take a photo I can choose a file on my phone so I'll choose a photo from my library and i will choose a photo basically if I want to use this photo in its original dimensions and I have the dimensions here on top of the screen so it says 1152 pixel that's the width and 2048 pixels that's the height of the photo so I can choose this dimension or if i look at the bottom of my screen i have different types of other documents here like Instagram post or story, Facebook  post etc.


How to Edit Photo In Canva



 After choosing just tap on create and there you go so what canva is going to do here it's going to open a document with the photo dimensions and photo is right.


I'm going to edit this part of photo from my mobile phone and then I'll go back to my computer open canva and find the same photo. I was working on it from my mobile and I will use this photo to create a piece of content that I might be sharing on social media for example so i want to show you the workflow you can start with your mobile and then continue the workflow on the computer



So back to my mobile back to my photo that I want to edit in order to edit it you'll have to tap on the photo. You can add text photos and graphics to your design so the first thing I want to do is to find Adjust button right here I'm gonna tap on this and canva now has a bunch of sliders here starting with brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur etc.

How to Edit Photo In Canva


I have a bunch of different sliders so what i'm going to do is to adjust the brightness, contrasts, saturation as accordingly.


Here’s an amazing option of Blur  it is very interesting slider here if your photo is slightly out of focus or slightly blurry you can use the blur slider and slide it to the left if you slide to the left here you will see it makes completely horrible but if your photo is a little bit blurry maybe anywhere from minus five to minus ten can really help you sharpen this photo.

Here’s one more useful slider that Clarity As well like you can use clarity to make your image a little bit more vibrant which could be good.


I'm not gonna go any further from the mobile app because i want to pick up this workflow from my computer and switch to have a bigger screen to work with and more not more option but more screen real estate to really be creative  with this photo because I want to take this to the next level now i have a good looking photo it's there it's saved so what i can do from here is Export it so if i tap on this little button right here on the upper right corner that kind of has the arrow pointing up i have to export options I can download share Email print etc.


How to Edit Photo In Canva

If i tap on download i can choose my format we have the png which is a suggested option with high quality image jpeg pdf etc etc so let's go for png the size i won't change it transparent background no compress no just download this photo so canva is going to prepare the photo download it and you will be finding this photo in your camera roll all right so my image is downloaded.

How to Edit Photo In Canva